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Southaven Business Beat
Host: Robbie Yates
Guest: Shaun Pillai

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In this episode of the Southaven Business Beat podcast, we’re joined by Shaun Pillai from Vivid Insurance. This podcast, sponsored by Secure Trust Federal Credit Union, explores how business owners can provide life and health insurance for their employees with innovative solutions.

We dive into the benefits of the Champion Health plan, which includes telehealth services for mental health, pet insurance, and even an average pay increase of $1,500 per year for employees through tax savings. Shaun discusses how the Champ Plan streamlines payroll and covers urgent care, prescriptions, and mental health support, with a specific focus on creating tailored insurance plans for individuals with preexisting conditions.

Discover how business owners can leverage FICA tax deductions, allowing them to reinvest in their business, and learn about the exclusive benefits available to Chamber of Commerce members through Vivid Insurance. Don’t miss this insightful conversation about modern insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Tune in to the Southaven Business Beat podcast and visit our website for more episodes, detailed information on our sponsors, and ways to keep your business thriving with the right insurance coverage.


– Focus on providing life and health insurance for business owners and employees

– Champion Health plan offers benefits like telehealth for mental health and pet insurance

– Employees can save money on taxes and receive an average pay increase of $1,500 per year

– Champ Plan handles payroll and offers partnerships with payroll companies

– Covers urgent care, prescriptions, and mental health services for employees and their families

– Tailored insurance plans available for individuals with preexisting conditions

– Business owners can recoup money through FICA tax deductions and reinvest in their business

– Opportunity for Chamber of Commerce members to take advantage of benefits offered by Vivid Insurance


1. Introduction and Sponsorship (00:00 – 01:00)
2. Interview with Sean from Vivid Insurance (03:00 – 00:00)
3. Champion Health Plan Benefits for Individuals (1:00 – 8:20)
4. Champion Health Plan Benefits for Employers (8:20 – 9:50)
5. Break and Sponsorship (9:50 – 10:50)
6. Recap of Champ Plan Benefits (10:50 – 14:40)
7. Conclusion (14:40 – 15:37)

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