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Southaven Business Beat
Host: Robby Yates
Guest: Tina Tatum

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Join us on the latest episode of our podcast as we sit down with Tina Tatum, the visionary behind Coffee Central, a beloved coffee shop in DeSoto County. Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Coffee Central has become a cornerstone of the community, boasting two bustling locations.

Tina shares her passion for creating more than just a coffee shop; Coffee Central is a place where connections are made and causes are championed. Beyond serving up specialty brews and delectable bites, Tina is dedicated to supporting important causes, particularly those combatting human trafficking and aiding in rehabilitation efforts.

In a thrilling development, Coffee Central has ventured into the world of coffee bean roasting and importing, elevating their offerings to new heights. But Tina’s vision doesn’t stop there; Coffee Central also extends its expertise through consulting services, empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on their own coffee business journeys.

Looking ahead, Tina reveals plans for an exciting merger with the Ethnos brand, poised to expand Coffee Central’s reach to new locales while steadfastly serving the local community. Tune in to discover Tina’s inspiring journey and the heartwarming story behind Coffee Central’s commitment to coffee, community, and causes.


– Coffee Central celebrates its fifth anniversary with two locations in DeSoto County

– Owner Tina Tatum emphasizes community and giving back

– Offers specialty coffee, food, and a safe space for connections

– Supports nonprofits focused on human trafficking and rehabilitation

– Expands to roasting and importing own coffee beans

– Offers consulting services for starting coffee businesses

– Plans to merge with Ethnos brand, expand to other locations, and serve local community.


1. Introduction (00:00 – 01:35)
2. Interview with Tina Tatum (01:35 – 02:55)
3.Involvement In Community and Non-Profits (2:55 – 11:35)
4. Future Plans for Coffee Central (11:35 – 13:10)
5.Conclusion (13:10 – 14:15)

Masterchek (https://www.masterchek.com)
Coffee Central (https://www.coffeecentralsouth.com)

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