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Host: Aaron Cozort
Guest: Bryce Dickerson

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In this insightful podcast interview, we sit down with Bryce Dickerson from OB1 Insurance, shedding light on essential aspects of Medicare and insurance.

Our guest, Bryce Dickerson, delves into the significance of having an independent broker for tailored recommendations in the complex world of Medicare. As an expert in the field, he emphasizes the value of personalized guidance and education provided by OB1 Insurance to navigate through various Medicare options.

During our conversation, Bryce underscores the importance of developing leadership skills and cultivating the right mindset, aligning with the mission of the Bridge Academy. Furthermore, he encourages active participation in local Chambers of Commerce, citing it as a key strategy for fostering business growth.

In a nod to the supportive community atmosphere, Bryce shares his positive experiences with the Southaven Chamber of Commerce and how it has played a crucial role in his professional journey. Tune in to gain valuable insights into Medicare, insurance, and the indispensable role of independent brokers in this engaging podcast episode with Bryce Dickerson of OB1 Insurance.


-Bryce Dickerson discusses Medicare and insurance on the show.

– Medicare is a federal health insurance program with different parts and options.

– OB1 Insurance offers education and personalized guidance for understanding Medicare options.

– Bryce emphasizes the importance of having an independent broker for personalized recommendations.

– Medicare eligibility starts at age 65, but there are other criteria for enrollment.

– Medicaid is a state program for low-income individuals, while Medicare is federal.

– The Southaven Chamber of Commerce has supported Bryce’s business through networking opportunities.

– Bryce encourages involvement with local Chambers of Commerce for business growth.


1. Introduction (00:00 – 01:07)
2. Interview with Bryce Dickerson (01:07 – 2:00)
3. Medicare Misunderstandings (2:00 – 12:07)
4. Medicare vs Medicaid (12:07 – 14:23)
5. Importance of the Chamber (14:23 – 16:17)
6. Recommendation to Join the Chamber (16:17 – 17:20)
7. Conclusion (17:20 – 18:38)

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