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Southaven Business Beat
Shawntel Hibbler - Southaven Chamber

Host: Robby Yates

Guest: Shawntel Hibbler


In this insightful podcast interview, Shawntel Hibbler, a prominent figure from the Southaven Chamber of Commerce, sheds light on the invaluable resources and support the chamber provides to businesses and entrepreneurs striving for success. Tune in as she discusses the wide range of services offered, including expert advice on initiating a business, facilitating access to small business grants, member introductions, and optimizing search engine presence.

Discover how businesses, guided by Shawntel Hibbler and other dedicated chamber members, can maximize their membership benefits. Gain insights into the strategies for leveraging the comprehensive offerings of the Southaven Chamber of Commerce and fostering meaningful connections with fellow members.

Furthermore, explore the role of Pure Focus Media in the business landscape, as the podcast delves into how their professional photography and videography services contribute to capturing and celebrating business achievements. Learn how these visual storytelling elements not only document success but also play a crucial role in strengthening relationships within the chamber community.

Join us for an engaging conversation that unveils the wealth of opportunities and collaborative efforts fostered by Shawntel Hibbler and the Southaven Chamber of Commerce, as well as the visual storytelling expertise provided by Pure Focus Media.


Take advantage of search engine optimization to maximize visibility.

Use member introductions from the chamber to bypass gatekeepers.

Follow up on introductions to sell services and achieve desired results.


  1. Welcome to Southaven Business Beat with Service Member Coordinator Shawntel Hibbler (00:00 – 05:43)
  2. Navigating the Business Community with the Southaven Chamber of Commerce (05:43 – 10:22)
  3. The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Businesses (10:23 – 15:31)
  4. Maximizing Business Visibility with the Chamber of Commerce (15:31 – 20:21)
  5. The Power of Chamber of Commerce: How Collaboration Can Grow Businesses (20:22 – 25:01)
  6. The Benefits of Being a Member of the Southaven Chamber of Commerce (25:02 – 29:59)
  7. Join the Southaven Chamber Now! (30:00 – 30:11)

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