Rodney Hall, Mississippi House Dist. 20

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Southaven Business Beat
Rodney Hall, Mississippi House Dist. 20

Host: Aaron Cozort

Guest: Rodney Hall


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State Representative Rodney Hall, who represents District 20 in Mississippi, is interviewed by Aaron Cozort on Southaven Business Beat. Hall discusses his plans and goals for the district, with a particular focus on the redevelopment of the West End District of Southaven. He emphasizes the importance of preserving the charm and history of Main Street while also attracting new investments and businesses to the area. Hall also highlights the need for ensuring the safety of the community and cutting taxes to attract investments. Hall mentions his background as a soldier and an attorney, which has shaped his commitment to working with the community to find solutions to problems. He encourages citizens to reach out to him through his website,, to share their concerns and ideas. The episode concludes with a reminder to support local businesses and contribute to the growth and development of Southaven and DeSoto County.

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In this podcast interview, join State Representative Rodney Hall as he delves into his vision and objectives for the district. With a strong emphasis on safety and unwavering support for law enforcement, Representative Hall outlines his plans for the redevelopment of Southaven’s West End District, striking a balance between progress and the preservation of its rich charm and history. Tune in to hear his strategic approach to fostering thriving businesses and communities, including his proposal to reduce taxes to attract crucial investments.

Representative Hall also advocates for the establishment of a business incubator in the West End, aimed at nurturing local entrepreneurs and fostering economic growth. Throughout the conversation, he underscores the importance of community engagement, providing a dedicated website for citizens to voice their concerns and share innovative ideas.

Drawing on his background as a soldier and attorney, Representative Hall showcases his commitment to teamwork and finding inclusive solutions for all citizens. Don’t miss this insightful interview that delves into the intricacies of Representative Rodney Hall’s multifaceted approach to shaping a prosperous and harmonious district.


State Representative Rodney Hall discusses plans and goals for the district

Emphasizes importance of maintaining safety and supporting law enforcement

Focused on redeveloping West End District of Southaven and preserving its charm and history

Believes in setting conditions for businesses and communities to thrive, including cutting taxes to attract investments

Suggests creation of business incubator in West End to support local entrepreneurs

Encourages community engagement and provides website for citizens to reach out with concerns and ideas

Highlights background as soldier and attorney, commitment to teamwork and finding solutions for all citizens.


  1. Introduction (00:00 – 1:20)
  2. Interview with State Representative Rodney Hall (01:20 – 3:10)
  3. Discussion on redeveloping the West End District of Southaven (3:10 – 4:25)
  4. Discussion on safety in the area (4:25 – 7:40)
  5. Plans for the future and community involvement (7:40 – 12:30)
  6. Conclusion (12:30 – 18:10)

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