Robyn Noble Powell – Just Bee Helpin’ – A Convenient and Innovative Service

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Robyn Noble Powell - Just Bee Helpin' - A Convenient and Innovative Service

Host: Robby Yates
Guest: Robyn Powell


Robin is the founder of Just Bee Helpin’, which is a unique errand and day of assistance service for seniors and corporate executives who need assistance with tasks. Just Bee Helpin’ provides convenient help for clients in need of errands and tasks and is staffed with a team of contract workers who are reliable and trustworthy. They can provide assistance for people looking for help with private events like weddings and birthday parties. Just Bee Helpin’ has been in the industry for two years and has become a vital part of serving our community as they grow with the help of the Southaven Chamber and referrals.

Key Takeaways:

Just Bee Helpin’ is a unique errand and day of assistance concierge service.
Clients can book services through the website
Just Bee Helpin’ offers reliable and trustworthy assistance to clients.


  1. Just Bee Helpin’: An Errands and Day of Assistance Service (00:00 – 05:05)
  2. Just Bee Helpin’: Offering Reliable & Dependable Service for Seniors & Others (05:05 – 10:24)
  3. Just Bee Helpin’: Assisting You To Enjoy Your Special Events (10:24 – 15:23)
  4. Just Bee Helpin’: Caring for the Overburdened and Making Business Thrive (15:23 – 19:44)
  5. Reaching for Incredible Heights (19:44 – 21:05)
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