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Rebecca Treadway - The Arc of Northwest Mississippi

Host: Aaron Cozort

Guest: Rebecca Treadway


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Rebecca Treadway, the Executive Director of the Arc of Northwest Mississippi, is featured in an episode of Southaven Business Beat. The Arc is an advocacy organization that focuses on supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Treadway discusses the importance of advocacy and support for special needs individuals and their families, drawing from her personal experience as a special needs parent. She highlights the challenges she faced in finding resources and support for her child. The Arc offers various programs and events to help individuals with special needs connect with others and develop social skills. They also prioritize employment opportunities for these individuals by working with businesses to create inclusive and accommodating work environments. Treadway emphasizes the need for volunteers and business partnerships to support their programs and expand their reach. As the Arc’s programs continue to grow, they are actively seeking a larger facility to accommodate their expanding needs. They are also working towards expanding their clubs and summer camp offerings. Donations play a crucial role in funding the Arc’s programs, and individuals can contribute through their website. Treadway expresses gratitude for the support of the Southaven community and encourages further support to help the Arc fulfill its mission. She acknowledges the Southaven Chamber of Commerce for its role in connecting businesses with nonprofits like the Arc. The episode concludes with a call to action for viewers to get involved and support the Arc’s work. By volunteering, donating, or forming business partnerships, individuals can make a meaningful impact on the lives of special needs individuals and their families.

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Join us on the latest episode of Southaven Business Beat as we sit down for an enlightening conversation with Rebecca Treadway, representing The Arc of Northwest Mississippi. Sponsored by The Southaven Foundation and the Bridge Academy, Southaven Business Beach is dedicated to fostering leadership development programs within the community.

Our guest, Rebecca Treadway, sheds light on the mission of The Arc of Northwest Mississippi, an advocacy organization committed to empowering individuals with special needs to lead fulfilling lives. Through their multifaceted approach, The Arc connects families with essential services, cultivates community awareness, and provides diverse programs ranging from social clubs to art classes. Notably, their acclaimed summer camp, Camp Bold, offers unforgettable experiences for participants.

Treadway delves into The Arc’s initiatives for 2024, which include securing a larger facility, enhancing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, and expanding their array of social programs. Highlighting the organization’s reliance on donations, volunteers, and strategic partnerships, she underscores the pivotal role of community support in driving their mission forward.

Furthermore, we explore The Arc’s pivotal role in facilitating employment opportunities through events like the Job Extravaganza job fair, garnering robust backing from the Southaven community and the Chamber of Commerce. As we delve into their aspirations for growth, it becomes evident that The Arc of Northwest Mississippi is poised to continue making a profound impact on the lives of those they serve. Tune in to learn more about their inspiring journey and the transformative work they do.


The Arc of Northwest Mississippi is an advocacy organization for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Arc helps special needs individuals live their best lives, connects parents to services, and educates the community.

The Arc offers social clubs, exercise classes, art classes, parent support groups, and a summer camp called Camp Bold.

The Arc focuses on employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

The Arc relies on donations, volunteers, and business partnerships.

Goals for 2024 include finding a larger facility, expanding work opportunities, and growing social programs and summer camp.

The Arc hosts the Job Extravaganza job fair.

The Chamber of Commerce has helped connect the Arc with businesses and nonprofits.

The Arc is grateful for the support of the Southaven community.


  1. Introduction (00:00 – 01:31)
  2. Advocacy for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (01:31 – 03:00)
  3. Social Programs and Camp Bold (3:00 – 04:13)
  4. Employment Opportunities (04:13 – 06:30)
  5. Volunteers and Business Partnerships (6:30 – 11:27)
  6. Donations and Funding (11:27 – 14:07)
  7. Interactive Job Fair (14:07 – 15:21)
  8. Goals for 2024 (15:21 – 17:30)
  9. Call to Action and Gratitude (17:30 – 19:24)

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