Michele Henley – Southaven Rotary Club – DeSoto County School Board

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Southaven Business Beat
Southaven Business Beat
Michele Henley - Southaven Rotary Club - DeSoto County School Board

Host: Aaron Cozort

Guest: Michele Henley


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Southaven Business Beat is a podcast sponsored by SecurTrust Federal Credit Union, with the goal of providing resources for the business community. The host, Aaron Cozort, interviews Michelle Henley, a school board member, Southaven Rotary Club president, and business owner. Michelle shares insights into her background, her active role in the Chamber of Commerce, and the significance of community service. She sheds light on the Rotary Club’s dedication to serving the community through a variety of initiatives. The podcast also showcases sponsors like Follow app and Wisdom Integrators. Michelle delves into the challenges and growth of DeSoto County Schools, underscoring the importance of fostering relationships and effective communication within the school board. She advocates for community engagement and volunteerism, particularly through involvement with the Rotary Club. The episode wraps up with a message of appreciation and a call to action for listeners to participate in the Southaven community and Chamber of Commerce.

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Tune in to the latest episode of the Southaven Business Beat podcast, where we bring you insightful conversations with leaders from our business and community spheres.

In this episode, sponsored by Secure Trust Federal Credit Union, we sit down with Michele Henley, a dedicated member of the DeSoto County School Board and the president of the Southaven Rotary Club. Michele shares her perspectives on community engagement, the impactful initiatives led by the Rotary Club, and the success stories within Southaven schools. Learn how you can contribute to our community through volunteering and fostering meaningful relationships.

Learn how you can contribute to our community through volunteering and fostering meaningful relationships. For more episodes and sponsorship details, visit www.southavenbusinessbeat.com.


Hosted by Aaron Cozort with guest Michelle Henley, school board member and Rotary Club president

Henley discusses community involvement and goals for Rotary Club in 2024

Rotary Club serves the community through various initiatives

Emphasis on building relationships and giving back to the community

Southaven schools thriving with focus on growth and safety measures

Encouragement for community involvement with Rotary Club and school board

Opportunities for volunteering and making a positive impact in Southaven


  1. Introduction and Sponsorship (00:00 – 01:00)
  2. Interview with Michelle Henley (01:00 – 03:15)
  3. What is the Rotary Club? (3:15 – 5:05)
  4. Intermission and Sponsorship (5:05 – 6:00)
  5. Looking Forward to 2024 (9:00 – 10:30)
  6. How To Get Involved with the Rotary Club (10:30 – 12:45)
  7. Sponsorship and Closing (12:45 – 14:13)

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https://thefollowapp.co/ – The Follow App
https://www.purefocus.media/ – Pure Focus Media
https://www.southavenchamber.com/ – Southaven Chamber of Commerce