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Southaven Business Beat
Matthew Kelso - Edward Jones

Host: Aaron Cozort

Guest: Matthew Kelso


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Southaven Business Beach is a platform where Business and Community Leaders provide valuable resources for the business community.The host, Aaron Cozort, interviews Matthew Kelso, a financial advisor with Edward Jones and a board member of the Southaven Chamber of Commerce. Kelso shares his background, growing up in DeSoto County, and witnessing the changes in the community over the years, such as new businesses and developments like Silo Square. He discusses the economy, inflation, interest rates, and the impact on conservative investors. Kelso emphasizes the importance of community involvement and leadership in driving economic growth and supporting businesses, highlighting his role in the Economic Development Committee and the Southaven Young Professionals group.

Kelso reflects on his experience with the Chamber of Commerce, emphasizing the value of building relationships and reputation within the community. He discusses the success of the Chamber in 2023 and looks forward to continued growth and support for businesses in 2024. Kelso shares his personal and business goals for the upcoming year, focusing on maintaining strong client relationships, collaborating with another financial advisor, and providing guidance to clients in financial decision-making. He emphasizes the importance of a simple three-bucket approach to financial planning and being a guiding hand for clients rather than a strict enforcer.

The episode concludes with a message of community engagement, education, and business development, encouraging listeners to join the Southaven Chamber of Commerce and participate in building relationships that drive commerce. The host, Aaron Cozort, thanks the sponsors and guests for their support and invites listeners to visit the Southaven Business Beat website for more episodes. The episode is brought to you by the Southaven Chamber of Commerce, promoting the idea that relationships create commerce and encouraging businesses to join the Chamber for networking opportunities.

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In this episode of Southaven Business Beat we sit down with Matthew Kelso, a financial advisor at Edward Jones. This engaging conversation covers Matthew’s journey into the financial world, his involvement in the local community, and his views on the evolving economy in Southaven.

Throughout the interview, Matthew emphasizes the significance of relationships and community involvement in achieving business success. He shares insights into the role of the Southaven Chamber of Commerce in fostering connections among local businesses and supporting their growth. Matthew also discusses the Chamber’s goals for 2024, highlighting the importance of continued education, relationship-building, and supporting local businesses.

Whether you’re a business owner, a community leader, or someone interested in Southaven’s economic landscape, this episode offers valuable insights into the power of community and the importance of strong networks. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Matthew Kelso. Tune in to learn more about the role of financial advising in a thriving local economy and how you can be a part of the community’s success story.


Kelso discusses background, community involvement, and local economy views

Emphasizes importance of relationships and community involvement in business success

Highlights Chamber of Commerce’s role in fostering connections and supporting local businesses

Shares goals for 2024: building relationships, serving clients, and financial stability

Concludes with a message to continue education, build relationships, and support local businesses through the Southaven Chamber of Commerce.


  1. Introduction (0:00 – 1:12)
  2. Interview with Matthew Kelso (1:12 – 2:10)
  3. Direction/Changes to Southaven (2:10 – 3:15)
  4. Economy- Goals and Hope (3:15 – 4:50)
  5. Southaven Economy (4:50 – 6:40)
  6. Community Involvement in Business and Life (6:40 – 11:30)
  7. Value of the Chamber (11:30 – 14:20)
  8. 2023 and Looking to 2024 for the Chamber (14:20 – 15:15)
  9. Investing in the Chamber from a Financial POV (15:15 – 21:00)
  10. Goals for 2024 (21:00 – 25:15)
  11. How Financial Advice Works (25:15 – 27:40)
  12. Conclusion (13:10 – 14:15)

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