Eric Williams – 2023 Man of the Year

Southaven Chamber of Commerce

Southaven Business Beat
Southaven Business Beat
Eric Williams - 2023 Man of the Year

Host: Aaron Cozort

Guest: Eric Williams


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In this episode of Southaven Business Beat, host Aaron Cozort interviews Eric Williams, the Man of the Year for 2023. Williams is the Chief Operating Officer of Brown Missionary Baptist Church in DeSoto County. He discusses the growth and success of the church, including an increase in membership and baptisms. Williams also talks about the development of Silo Square and the numerous ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new businesses in Southaven. Williams explains his involvement with the Southaven Chamber of Commerce, starting as an ambassador and eventually becoming the President-elect. He emphasizes the importance of community service and partnerships in both ministry and business. Williams believes that having more business leaders who are believers would greatly benefit the community. Williams discusses how being part of the Chamber allows him to connect with business owners and build relationships. He mentions the church’s role as a resource for the community, providing assistance to those in need. Looking ahead to 2024, Williams is excited about the revitalization of the West End District and the continued growth of Southaven. He also expresses his enthusiasm for his upcoming role as President of the Chamber. Williams believes that the Chamber will continue to thrive by focusing on building relationships and keeping members engaged. The episode concludes with Cozort thanking Williams for his participation and encouraging listeners to support the Chamber and build relationships in their own communities.

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Tune in for an exclusive podcast interview featuring Eric Williams, the esteemed 2023 Man of the Year and COO of Brown Missionary Baptist Church.

Join us as we explore the remarkable journey of the church’s growth and accomplishments throughout 2023, along with its impactful collaboration with the Southaven Chamber of Commerce.

Eric sheds light on the significance of community service and forging meaningful partnerships, emphasizing the pivotal role they play in fostering thriving communities. Moreover, we discuss the promising developments unfolding in Southaven for 2024 and the Chamber’s ambitious plans for the future.

This engaging conversation is a must-listen, offering valuable insights into supporting local initiatives and nurturing strong community bonds.


Interview with Eric Williams, COO of Brown Missionary Baptist Church

Discusses growth and success of the Brown Missionary Baptist Church in 2023

Involvement with Southaven Chamber of Commerce

Emphasizes importance of community service and partnerships

Highlights positive developments in Southaven for 2024

Excitement for Chamber’s plans in 2024

Encourages support for the Chamber and building relationships in communities.


  1. Introduction (00:00 – 01:05)
  2. Interview with Eric Williams (01:05 – 02:25)
  3. Chamber Involvement (2:25 – 03:20)
  4. Community Service and Ministry (3:20 – 10:50)
  5. Looking Forward to 2024 (10:50 – 15:25)
  6. Conclusion (15:25 – 16:48)

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