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Debbie King - Southaven Chamber of Commerce


Host: Aaron Cozort
Guest: Debbie King


In this podcast interview, we sit down with Debbie King, a key figure at the Southaven Chamber of Commerce. Debbie is a driving force behind the Chamber’s mission to empower small businesses in their journey to success. The Southaven Chamber of Commerce is passionately dedicated to assisting small businesses in their growth and prosperity. Their arsenal of resources is impressive, offering invaluable support, including expert marketing strategy guidance, scholarships, grants, and unique networking opportunities.

One of their notable hallmarks is their commitment to keeping membership dues affordable while ensuring access to a pool of qualified individuals through their extensive resume bank and connections with strategic partners. Notably, the Chamber has recently unveiled its foundation, a 501C3 entity, which extends even more resources to the benefit of small businesses in the South Haven community.

Among their innovative initiatives, the Southaven Chamber of Commerce has also taken a bold step into the podcasting realm with the launch of “”South Haven Business Beat.”” This initiative goes beyond conventional Chamber offerings and aims to share the fascinating stories of local South Haven businesses. Through engaging podcast episodes, they not only tell these business stories but also offer valuable educational resources to help entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape. Join us as we explore the dynamic world of South Haven’s business community in this enlightening conversation with Debbie King.


The Chamber of Commerce provides key resources for members to promote their business.

The Chamber meets businesses where they are and provides what they need to succeed.

The Chamber has launched a new foundation 501C3 to help small businesses.


  1. South Haven Business Beat with Debbie King – Exploring Business Opportunities in South Haven and DeSoto County (00:00 – 06:56)
  2. Behind the Launch of the Chamber’s 501C3 Foundation and Its Potential Impact on Businesses in DeSoto County (06:57 – 14:06)
  3. Growing Your Business in South Haven: Taking Advantage of Chamber Benefits (14:06 – 20:41)
  4. The Chamber of Commerce Offers Opportunities, Tools, and Resources for Businesses (20:42 – 27:22)
  5. Uncovering Stories and Providing Education Through Podcasts (27:22 – 33:52)

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