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Southaven Business Beat
Host: Aaron Cozort
Guest: Mayor Darren Musselwhite

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Welcome to another insightful episode of Southaven Business Beat! In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with the esteemed Mayor of Southaven, Mississippi, Darren Musselwhite. Join us as Mayor Musselwhite delves into his remarkable background and highlights the accomplishments achieved during his tenure as the city’s mayor.

Our conversation with Mayor Musselwhite spans a range of topics, including his efforts in fostering economic development, spearheading impactful industrial projects, and overseeing significant enhancements in parks and recreation. A key focus of our discussion centers around the ambitious West End District redevelopment plan, designed to breathe new life into the original business district.

Mayor Musselwhite shares exciting updates on ongoing projects, such as the expansion of the Lander Center and the construction of a state-of-the-art fire station. Additionally, our conversation explores Southaven’s dedication to enhancing its parks, the development of Silo Square, and its proactive approach to attracting businesses to the thriving Metro district.

Tune in to discover how Southaven has successfully controlled crime rates, making it a safe and welcoming community. Mayor Musselwhite’s commitment to maintaining Southaven’s reputation as a fantastic place to live is evident throughout our engaging discussion.

Join us for this enlightening episode as we explore the dynamic initiatives and future plans that make Southaven, Mississippi, a beacon of progress under the leadership of Mayor Darren Musselwhite.


Mayor Musselwhite discusses his background and accomplishments during his tenure as the mayor of Southaven.

Highlights of his time in office include economic development, industrial projects, and improvements to parks and recreation.

The West End District redevelopment plan aims to revitalize the original business district of Southaven.

The city offers incentives for businesses, and the City Clerk’s office and Chamber of Commerce can provide information on these incentives.

Ongoing projects in Southaven include the expansion of the Lander Center and the construction of a new fire station.

Mayor Musselwhite may run for a fourth term in 2024.

The city is focused on improving parks, developing Silo Square, and attracting businesses to the Metro district.

The new fire station will improve the fire rating of the city, potentially lowering insurance rates for commercial buildings.

Southaven has been successful in controlling crime rates compared to neighboring cities.

The growth of Southaven is seen as a positive, and the city is committed to maintaining its status as a great place to live.


1. Introduction (00:00 – 1:05)
2. Interview with Mayor Musselwhite (01:05 – 2:35)
3. Incentives for Businesses (2:35 – 7:25)
4. Expansion of the Lander Center (7:25 – 9:00)
5. Future Plans for Southaven (8:55 – 10:10)
6. New Fire Station (10:10 – 12:30)
7. Closing Remarks (12:30 – 13:45)

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